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Table And Place Setting Design Styling – Sleek Modern Event Design

When considering your event design, utilizing the correct color, texture, light and space will establish the theme of your celebration.  The theory of “form follows function” is largely at play for modern design. Think art deco, classic and Mid-Century. How do you incorporate this into your event?

Blue and silver create a lovely modern look Image provided by Tic-Tock Couture Floral CreationsRevelry Event Designers

Gold and cream with touches of green lend stately glamour Image provided by Kevin Covey Wedding and Events

Add a touch of glamor to your table décor with mirrored tabletops, clear vases with floating candles and flowers, and simple, clean designs. Color is largely at play here with more classic hues that include, silver, black, white, gold, and bronze. Rather than infusing your design with intense pops of color, modern dressing calls for colors that blend well together for seamless design.

All Together Now

Your floral arrangement should compliment the table dressing by bringing it all together.  Pale hued roses, rich green eucalyptus or fern, white tulips, and cream -colored flowers are all great choices for décor. Vintage floral arrangements, frames and candle-holders can bring unity to your table dressing.

Modern place settings can include silver or gold- rimmed plates, gold flatware instead of silver, a greenery wreath for added color, and goblets for a touch of opulence.

In terms of lighting, keeping things warm is key. Candles and dim lighting create a classic and rich ambiance that blends well with your décor.

When seeking out ideas for your event design, keep in mind your personal tastes and your specific event. Modern design leans heavily toward classic luxury with clean lines and fluid colors.

Happy Planning!

Images provided by: Andrena Photography, Tic-Tock Couture Floral Creations, Kevin Covey Weddings and Events, White Lilac Event Design, Organic Elements, Square Root Floral Design, Fiore Designs, Alain Martinez, Karen French Photography, Leigh Miller Photography

For an elegant event black, white and silver are a sure bet<br /> Image provided by Kevin Covey Weddings and Events<br /> Leigh Miller Photography

An elegant monochromatic setting Image provided by White Lilac Event Design

Unique floral lamps set the stage for fun Image provided by Tic-Tock Couture Floral Creations

Chartreuse and teal flowers intwine grape branches in a modern centerpiece Image provided by Organic Elements

An intriguing focal point is not only visually pleasing, but adds the refreshing sound of splashing water <br /> Image provided by Square Root Floral Design

Warm colors reflect on clear lamps with sleek, square shades to create an intimate atmosphere<br /> Image provided by Fiore

The contrast of red flowers and blue light makes a bold statement<br /> Image provided by Square Root Floral Design

Tall clear stands and white flowers bathed in red and blue light add drama Image provided by Square Root Floral Design Photography by Alain Martinez

Orange and white contrast with sable in this dynamic design<br /> Image provided by Organic Elements

Bright yellow flowers, broad leaves and fresh fruit create an exuberant display<br /> Image provided by Fiore