Elegant and Romantic Lakeside Settings

Romantic lakes and waterscapes offer gorgeous views and backdrops for your wedding day.


Southern California offers a myriad of elegant and romantic lakeside settings ideal for weddings. From the serene waters of Lake Arrowhead to the picturesque shores of Big Bear Lake Gregory, couples can find the perfect backdrop for their special day. These enchanting locations provide a blend of natural beauty and tranquility, creating an unforgettable ambiance for exchanging vows and celebrating love amidst stunning vistas.


Sherwood Country Club

Venue: Sherwood Country Club
Thousand Oaks, Ventura County, Southern California
Photos Courtesy: Yogi Patel of: GlobalPhotography.net


Los Willows Estate Wedding Venue - Fallbrook, San Diego County

Venue: Los Willows Wedding Estate
Fallbrook, San Diego County, Southern California


Celebrate on a Lake – Elegant Outdoor Weddings

Enjoying a peaceful, relaxing lakeside wedding, whether you’re looking for a stately country club, Mediterranean-type villa, a victorian mansion, or Mexican-style hacienda your day is sure to be romantic set beside a shimmering lakeside.

Desert Falls Country Club, Great Palm Springs Area

Venue: Desert Falls Country Club
Greater Palm Springs Area, Riverside County, Southern California


Water is symbolic and a perfect place to start your life’s journey. It can be tranquil and mesmerizing and is often a symbol of transformation, renewal, reflection and blessings.

Grand Tradition Estate Fallbrook

Venue: Grand Tradition Estate and Gardens
Fallbrook, San Diego County, Southern California
Photo courtesy: True Photography


Holding your wedding by lake-shore can be a spiritual, uplifting event for everyone involved; from the wedding party to the guests.

Nothing is more magical than exchanging your vows with that perfect person next to a beautiful shoreline

Southern California offers some of the most beautiful and elegant and romantic lakeside wedding destinations in the country. Many areas offer views of the water with a mountainous background, beautiful forests and many other breathtaking sights.


Mission Hills Country Club, Greater Palm Springs Area

Venue: Mission Hills Country Club
Located in the Greater Palm Springs/Desert Area
Photo by: WeddingCompass.com


Many locations cater to wedding parties, offer guests services, wedding planning and dining with a view of the water. No matter what your budget or outdoor setting you prefer, there’s a wedding package for you at one of the many top locations in the area. From rustic to elegant, you’re sure to find something that appeals to your taste. Some locations even have a wonderful city night life close by.

Photo Credit: Sherwood Country Club
Photo Credit: Grand Tradition Estate
Photo Credit: Mission Hills Country Club
Photo Credit: Desert Falls Country Club

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