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RETRO FLASHBACK – What happens when a mainstream band shows up at your wedding unannounced?

Maroon 5 walks into a number of Los Angeles wedding venues, seemingly unnoticed, and sets up their performance equipment behind a curtain. At the pivotal moment, the curtain drops, and shocked brides and grooms are seen in awe that the band is now performing right in front of the couple and their guests!

In the music video for Sugar, Adam Levine and his band, Maroon 5 shocked newlyweds with a performance at their wedding reception. How did the party-crashing really go? Wedding photographer Eric Parsons tells us what it was really like. Courtesy of USAToday.com

Maroon 5 - Wedding Crasher Music Video - WeddingCompass.com


The video, directed by Wedding Crashers helmer David Dobkin, was filmed over a full three-day weekend in Los Angeles at venues from Glendale to Marina del Rey and everywhere in between, with the band putting in 10-12 hours of work and travel each day.

Here’s the extended music video of Martin and Sharis wedding which was crashed by the band. The video was created by Arm Productions. They offer professional cinematography services for all occasions, specializing in weddings.

“It was really stressful to arrange all of it, but it was super fun,” Levine told ET’s Kevin Frazier on the Golden Globes red carpet. “It felt good to kind of, you know, surprise these people and make them happy. [We were] happy that they liked our band, too – [that] would have been a total disaster.”   >>Thanks to Yahoo Entertainment for pics and text descriptions!

Maroon 5 - Wedding Crasher Music Video - WeddingCompass.com