Honeymoon Grand Adventure for Grand Canyon

We wanted a Honeymoon Adventure as Grand as our Romance, as Beautiful as our Wedding Day.

Where else would we go but the Grand Canyon in Arizona?

We were lucky to find a motel close to the rim, and took a quick trip to Bright Angel Point our first night to watch the sunset.  Those vast, open spaces gave us a real sense of peace and solitude –just the thing to start a honeymoon! I’ll never forget looking into his eyes and those long, romantic kisses with the Colorado River roaring below.   The California Condors soaring over the rim were simply magnificent.

We got so close I could feel the spray on my face!  Thrilling!

Started the day with cappuccinos. We toured the Havasupai Indian reservation and checked out the falls in a helicopter.

The next day was jam-packed!  We took a raft float down the Colorado River, checked out the Petoglyph panel on the way and enjoyed a picnic at the aptly named Lunch Beach. Then we hiked the Rim Trail from Pipe Creek Vista to Hermits Rest. Closed the day with a casual dinner at an awesome brewpub.

There was so much to experience; we’re planning a return trip!

Images provided by Mongabay.com

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