Honeymoon: Destination Italy on the Romantic Amalfi Coast

Destination Italy: Visit the Amalfi Coast for an amazing Honeymoon!

I love romance. Actually, I live for it. Romance enthralls the spirit, engages the heart and brightens the mind. And I have the good fortune to get to experience true romance up close and personal on a regular basis, for I am, by profession, a wedding planner- and I have been for over 25 years now (I started at a very young age). And it just gets more rewarding.

Capri Sunset

I have the pleasure of writing to you from my kitchen table in one of the most romantic spots on the planet– the Amalfi Coast in the south of Italy.  If you have not been, then you really should consider it if that is at all a possibility. I love it so much that I now live here part-time, but that’s an entirely different and lengthy tale of romance in its own right.

Married couple holding hands

Today I wanted to share with you some of the observations that I’ve made over the years as an astute observer of those on their honeymoon. I make it a sort of game.  Although, here in Italy, it is referred to as “mille di luna” honey of the moon— a little more romantic sounding, if you were to ask me.

Everything here on the Amalfi Coast exudes romance- it is painfully present. The way the sun dances on the blue horizon and restfully sets island of Capri- romantic. The way that older couples hold hands… splendidly romantic.  Right down to the daily greeting of a double cheek kiss or the offering of an espresso to a good friend- there is a romantic connection between the land, the sea and the heart here that really can’t go unnoticed if you take the time to simply connect. I can see so clearly why this is one of those iconic places associated with true romance on our planet.


Boats on Ocean near beach

While taking a moment for a Gelato down at the beach in Positano, I spotted one of the tell-tale signs of a honeymooning couple:  the sparkling rings and well-groomed couple in holiday attire— it’s hard to miss, and always makes me smile. I sometimes wonder if I’m the only one who notices; I’m sure not. Seeing a nice couple off on their own and truly being on their own for the first time as a married couple is heartwarming at a bare minimum. There is this prevalent mood of determination juxtaposed with discovery and the thrill of the unknown, all without being on a real schedule— a lovely mix and a first in a long while for most couples coming off of planning their wedding.

“Holding Hands” Image from: George Street Photography
Italy Photos and article written by: James Johnson
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Positano, Italy - stevetaboneblog.com

Positano, Italy - stevetaboneblog.com

Positano, Italy Night - stevetaboneblog.com

Positano, Italy - stevetaboneblog.com