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Whimsical wedding cakes

There are no rules that say all weddings must be elegant or showers must be chic. An event can be anything that reflects the personality and tastes of those who are involved. If fanciful fits, take it to the limit. A whimsical cake, like the one to the left, allows for plenty of creativity.

Slightly off balance layers add whimsy look to this cake Photo: Gourmet Gourmet Catering

Each layer is different, but the colors all work together to make a cohesive statement. Let design, textures, colors, shape and embellishments all work together to create a masterpiece that is totally unique.

Rich colors and imaginative shapes add whimsy Photo: Kevin Covey – Slay Events, VCS Photography

If the wedding is outdoors, in a backyard or at the beach, couple’s may forgo having a cake and choose the simplicity and ease of serving and transporting cupcakes. Whether it be elegant, whacky or whimsical; a cake or cupcakes, whatever you choose, it will be the crowning touch to your special day and you and your guests will be delighted with your special dessert.

Cupcakes are usually reflective of a simple or more playful atmosphere, and they are a good option for outdoor weddings, especially in hot weather.  Since they are generally displayed on a tiered rack or plates, they won’t tilt or slide. What ever you choose it will be your day. Have fun!

Mixed styles layers the finishing touches and decorations can be created with these decorative icings – Photo: Kevin Covey and Slay Events, Barnet Photography

Art Nouveau design and color make a stylish cake Photo: Kevin Covey with Slay Events, Barnet Photography

Photos provided by:
Kevin Covey with Slay Events
VCS Photography,
Christine Bentley Photography,
Barnet Photography

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