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Elegant Edible Décor Wows Guests

No longer is a floral design required to only use flowers! For ease and elegance, it’s hard to beat edible tabletop décor.  Whether you’re hosting a gaggle of tweens at a festive children’s gathering, relatives and friends at a formal dinner, or throwing an over the top celebratory gala, your guests will be wowed with your dramatic design style using colorful fruits, veggies and sweets.

Michael Segal Photography

Seasonal Splash

Create a unique tablescape with seasonal produce.  Capture the deep, rich colors of fall with polished apples and glowing pears nestled among purple cabbage leaves. Add some textural contrast with multi-hued gourds, tiny pie pumpkins and spiky artichokes. Capture the feeling of a spring soiree with lemons and limes heaped in glass-footed trifle dishes.  Showcase coconut bird nests with macaroon eggs — tint the coconut to match your décor!  Add some trailing ivy and sprigs of anemone to complete the fresh feeling.

Dessert and Candy “Bar” Design Ideas:

Call your guests’ attention to the splendor of your dessert bar with decorations suspended above the table.  Thread sugared, candied fruit on transparent fishing line – think glazed berries and dried fruit rings.  Create colorful wreath rounds from colorful gum drops interspersed with fun gummy shapes.

Joel Austell Studios - Candy "Bar"

Need a backdrop?  Spray paint a tree branch to match your décor and nestle it in a bucket filled with chocolate covered popcorn.  Hang festively decorated cut-out cookies from the branches — heart shapes with the initials of the happy couple for a wedding reception, flower shapes with candy centers for spring, and silver sprinkled snowflakes for a winter soiree.

Bean And Radish Sprouts Combined With Kale And Roses, Displayed On A Cutting Board. Design - Organic Elements

Herbal Splender

Miniature terra cotta pots, wrapped with colored raffia and sporting tiny herbal plants bring nature indoors and make unique favors. Stencil guests’ name on the pot for instant place cards.  They’re sure to think of you each time they use the basil or tarragon from your fabulous feast!

Whatever your occasion, you can up the wow factor and max the memories with elegant edibles.

Images provided by Organic Elements, Half Full Photography, A Good Affair Event Design, Vis Photography, Michael Segal Photography, Everafter Events, Paul Barnett Photography  Michael Jonathan Studios, Luminaire Images, JoelAustellStudio.com

Design - A Good Affair Event Design Photography - Vis Photography

Organic Elements

Design - Organic Elements Photography - Half Full Photography

Design - Everafter Events Photography - Paul Barnett

Lemons Lend Eye Appeal And Tantalizing Aroma
Design – Everafter Events.
Floral Design – Annette Gomez
Photography – Paul Barnett

Kumquats Add A Stylish Accent To This Bridal Bouquet. Everafter Events Design

Design - A Good Affair Event Design Photography - Luminaire Images

Design - Organic Elements

Fresh and Colorful Fruit Photography - Michael Jonathan Studios

Sliced Lemons Create A Bright, Fresh Base For Flowers. Photography - Michael Jonathan Studios

Cherries Add Color to Rustic Decor. Image Provided By Baker Party Rentals

A Mix Of Color Fruit Sets A Festive Mood. Image Provided By Baker Party Rentals

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