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Part 3 Cakes vs Cupcakes

Whether you choose a wedding cake or cupcakes, either of these decadent desserts are far more daring, artistic and extravagant than in the past. Many couples are breaking with tradition and going for what suits their style. Of course, the traditional tiered towers of yesteryear are still a huge favorite, but now, wedding cakes and cupcakes are a true reflection of the wedding couple’s favorite flavors and unique style.

Rustic five tier whipped exterior with roses – Photo: Vanilla Bake Shop

A cake and cupcakes offer guests a choice – Photo: Colette’s Catering

Suit Style and Taste

Groupings of cupcakes in various sizes, jumbo, standard, and mini sizes offer guests a choice of portions as well as flavors, and cupcakes can be displayed as simply or elaborately as desired, using cupcake trees or tiered stands decorated with ribbon and flowers

Smaller cupcake stands may also act as centerpieces at individual tables.  Or, for a more traditional look, a tiered stand can be topped with a single cake for the bride and groom to save, with stacks of uniform cupcakes tiered below.

Gold and silver frostings add a bit of bling – Floral: French Buckets Florist – Photo: Christopher Todd Studios

Create a unique style inside and out
Photo: Hulse Photography

Smaller cakes offer guests a choice of flavor
Floral: French Buckets Florist
Photo:Christopher Todd Studios

Photos provided by:
Colette’s Catering and Events

Christopher Todd Studios
Kevin Covey with Slay Events
French Buckets Florist
Hulse Photography
Vanilla Bake Shop

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