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Part 2 Cupcakes

Cupcakes are often less expensive than a wedding cake. They can be bought in volume and range from two to four dollars per serving, whereas cakes by comparison range from five to twelve dollars per serving.  Cakes also often require a cutting fee charged by catering companies, so if you are on a tight budget you will get more for your dollar by choosing cupcakes.

The popularity of a cupcake tower as an alternative wedding cake is still going strong, and now the cupcakes are becoming more decorative than ever. Photo: Frost it Cakery

Form and Drama

Design and color matching is big right now with cakes and icings utilizing vibrant hues. Colorful icings taking on the shades used throughout the wedding are also the rage, and a variety of shapes and sizes definitely take the cake! Although wedding cakes will always be the more traditional choice, cupcakes are popular because of the versatility, affordability, and convenience.

Theme wedding no problem, match your wedding inspiration with the fancy side. Photo: Intricate cakes

In lieu of large slices of cakes, op to make it “mini dessert bar, or a dessert station and serve a wide variety of bite-sized desserts like,ice cream sandwiches, a dessert table decked out with bite-sized doughnuts or s’mores, cupcakes with fruit or pastries, don’t be afraid to try these out on your big day.

Try this four tiered donuts cake with a layer on top as the traditional cake part, for that special image of cake cutting. Photo: Sweet and Saucy Shop

Photos provided by:
Sweet and Saucy Shop,
Frost it Cupcakery

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