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It’s the moment of truth. You’ve had a pleasant phone conversation with the videographer. They are very interested in filming your upcoming wedding day. You’ve set up an initial meeting to listen to their plans and to get to know each other. You’ll shake hands and sit down over a cup of coffee as your consultation begins…….

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Now what? How to make the most of this short meeting time together!


Although this may be the umpteenth-time that a videographer has sat down with a couple to plan their wedding video, they always remember to focus on the fact that it’s the couple’s initial meeting with… gasp… a Wedding Videographer!

So how do you discuss your intimate wedding plans with someone who you are most likely meeting for the very first time? Well, it should be easy and smooth, educational and hopefully fun and enlightening!

Your time of course is short with your videographer and they want nothing but to understand what is valuable to you. They count on any feedback you can provide as they want to make their film production personalized. Any ideas you desire to provide can help your wedding filmmaker make the production perfect and personalized. Be sure to tell them of things you’ve seen in movies, that you’ve seen on TV, send them links.  These can assist them. If you love their samples though, it can also be as easy as meeting with them and getting to know them before you say, “You’re hired.”


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Some couples love black & white…if YOU do, tell your videographer these details, they want to please you.


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Maximizing your time with a wedding filmmaker.

Videographer-FilmMaker-Cinimatographer-in-action_WeddingCompass.comNotes from actual videographers:

1) Be yourself. We’ve found that the more comfortable you are with the professionals you retain for your wedding day, the more fun and relaxed the planning and wedding day happen. Don’t be afraid to open up a bit with your wedding cinematographer and give him or her a good idea of who you are and what your style is. Knowing this will assist in capturing the real you. In your mind’s eye, will your day be Classic, Relaxed, Frenetic? Feel free to describe your vision for your day, and we’ll make sure that feel comes across in your film.

2) Tell your story. Tell them how you two met, where you love to go together… your favorite movies. These stylistic notes help a videographer get an idea of what the cadence of your wedding film should be.

3) Don’t sweat the tech stuff. A videographer’s job is to handle the technical heavy-lifting so it is transparent on your wedding day, and during post-production. They want to hear the details of your day, so they can bring their experience, knowledge, and yes, technical-savvy into play in order to maximize the day and best capture your story.

4) Give us the boundaries. Do you want specific people and happenings captured? Do you want us to be way in the background, or take a more active role in the events of the day? Let us know about any specific do’s or don’ts that you are aware of or that you need to have happen. The more we know about what you expect, the better we’ll be able to meet your expectations.

5) We listen… a lot! It’s much more fun to hear your story and about your plans than it is to hear ourselves talk! By really tuning in to you and your desires, we get all the more enthusiastic about covering your wedding. It’s a rush to be part of the team that makes your perfect day happen. So feel free to engage us in a lively discussion about you and your ideas. Some of the most exciting scenes that we’ve captured got their start over a cup of coffee; listening to an enthusiastic bride describe a unique aspect of her wedding day to us!

Hopefully, the above tips will help you as you sit down with your friendly wedding videographer. Remember, we are just as excited to hear about, and plan for your day as you are, and we love sharing in your enthusiasm!

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