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The importance of a professional videographer documenting your wedding

Why would someone need a professional videographer/wedding filmmaker for their wedding day? When it comes to the reasons, there are some good arguments pro & con.


If the wedding budget is limited, you may be tempted to take up a relatives offer to videotape your wedding as a way to cut costs. While your uncle may be the unofficial videographer of family birthdays, his expertise with the camera may not meet your wedding day expectations. Remember, this is a once in lifetime experience and should be captured as such.

We’ve seen so many amazing wedding videos these days that it’s so tempting to splurge and go for one of the best available. It’s literally become an art-form, many camera people have made a nice career in California by documenting events full-time. There’s a reason, the entertainment industry continues to set the bar higher each year. Combined with continually evolving technology and support systems for cameras and the post production process have turned the wedding video into a literal masterpiece that evokes laughter and emotion in every scene.

So budget, yes it’s a strong and valid concern, but after the day you’ll ask yourself;

  1. Am I proud to watch and share these memories, (and more importantly) will I have remorse years from now if you don’t have a video
  2. If I have a family member shoot it with no light, no mic, no support tools that they use on TV & Film will i be happy.

Video Production Courtesy of: MountainFreshFilms.com

Wedding videos (“Wwedding Films” they are also called) are way more professional and artistic than the old days of VHS and Super VHS. They are worth it. As time has gone on, this industry has blossomed into a high quality and entertaining field.

Wedding Film by Robles Video Productions

Asking A Family Member To Video Your Wedding or Using a Pro

You may have heard this from friends a few time! Working with a hired professional is easier for many reasons. You can be much more direct about what exactly you want to include and how you want the action captured. A professional is at your command and will want to please you. A relative most likely will not know how to achieve a wonderful story. In fact, there are horror stories out there… “Uncle Bob” may not even have a good tripod, and at the reception he may continue to eat before thinking to capture your first dance or capture the Father/Daughter Dance in it’s entirety. These types of stories are all out there. Start by asking friends about their wedding video and there will be many interesting comments.

Photo Courtesy: Ryan Sutton http://www.ryansproduction.com

Professional videographers have experience with creative camera work, attention to detail, and incorporating music into the background.

Wedding Film Courtesy of JoelAustellStudios.com

Another value is that they typically don’t know anyone at the wedding, so they won’t be “playing favorites” and videotaping only those they know. There are plenty of stories about an Uncle videotaping the wedding day and only having footage of the people he knows.

Professional Wedding Film courtesy of GodfatherFilms.com

Horror stories abound about shaky, unfocused videos delivered late or not at all created by well-meaning friends and relatives. The hurt feelings that may result create havoc in a relationship for years to come.

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Photo Courtesy: ChristopherToddStudios.com

The other side of the family is sure to be upset.  Is “Uncle Bob” going to have a few drinks? Imagine the quality going down and the camera not being turned on nearly as often if the camera person has been invited to “party” with you. While an amateur video may be a nice memento, it will be the professionally produced version that you will be proudly showing off for years to come.

Wedding Film by Robles Video Productions

If a family member is doing your video, “for free” the commitment may not be there to capture it all, they may not even have editing equipment, or the skill to edit and create a masterpiece wedding film. Not unless they do it for a living.

One more thing, if, “Uncle Bob” is a family member, if he’s working on your wedding day, he’s most likely not enjoying the festivities either, and you cannot blame him if it turns out poorly without causing possible family issues since he was doing it as a gift in the first place.

Look into using a pro!

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