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Oh, the wedding dress. Trash it? Wait, what?  TRASH THE DRESS?  Come on, really?

“Trash The Dress photo shoot.” It’s also known as, “fearless bridal” or “rock the frock” is a style of wedding videography, cinematography, photography that contrasts elegant clothing with the environment. Clearly the subjects are out of place while doing something physically extraordinary and for true shock value!

You search high and wide and finally come up with the perfect gown.

Cinematography:  Light in Films

You take every precaution to protect it till you are ready to walk down the aisle. Always making sure you don’t spill or smash cake on it. Wedding is over….your dress is sitting on the floor of the hotel room still looking like you’re in it. A few weeks later you search for ways to preserve your precious garment for you daughter’s wedding…..Sure, a wonderful thought. Would you ever think you’d actually want to Trash the dress, to actually be interested in Trash The Dress wedding photography?

If so, bring your Videographer, wedding filmmaker as you will not want to miss watching this again and again!


Cinematography: Mihai Ionita Kenzo


Here’s yet another from a series of, “Trash the wedding dress pictures.”
Photo Courtesy:
Barnet Photography Southern California


Cinematography: היי לייט צילום







Cinematography: - TrashTheDress_iLookBackPhotography_002
Trash The Wedding Dress Pictures
Photo Courtesy of Ellie at: 1 Look Back Photography


Barnet Photography - trash the dress -


You take every precaution to protect it till you are ready to walk down the aisle.

Love the idea, but cringe at the thought of having your dress dragged through the sand and possibly snagged, or stained permanently? Here’s what you can do. Get on line and find one that is the same style, and very inexpensive.


Max Lopatin - Trash the Dress

Image Courtesy: Sasha Leahovcenco
Cinematography: Max Lopatin | Max Lopatin Photography


“Trash The Dress” Wedding pictures

You get a call from your photographer asking if you would be interested in a, “Trash the Dress” photo shoot.  What? you want me to trash the dress! A $7000 designer gown on the beach or maybe in a grassy field or even better, a junk yard… are you kidding!”

Yes, crazy as it may sound, it’s soooo much fun and you can get some crazy shots that you will want on your wall forever… and of course will be able to share and maybe even get some notoriety online at the same time!

Cinematography: Marrone Films


Don’t be concerned about the detailing in the wedding dress.

It will be pretty much unrecognizable by the time you are done with the shoot. Just look for one that has a similar shape. You will be blown away by how much fun this will be for you both and the images should be pretty amazing too.  After the stress of the wedding day and following a time-line and having to be just right, most couples love this experience and laugh so hard at times, the photographer’s usually are right there with them, rolling on the ground….seriously a blast to trash the dress!

Trash The Dress Wedding Photos

Here’s a more subtle look for, “Trash The Wedding Dress Pictures.” It can be a very fun and romantic photo shoot.

Great Images by Ellie at: 1 Look Back Photography

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