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Black and white photography never goes out of style

B&W Photography a way to create timeless Romantic Shots (and often a photo savior)

Photo Courtesy: Barnet Photography


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Photography courtesy of: JoelAustellStudio.com


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Photography by: 1LookBack Photography
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Lets start by saying, B&W photos never go out of style! Never. By now we’ve seen color photography take many turns from muted colors to overly saturated, lomographic and countless others. B&W remains the simplest way of retaining your beautiful memories with style and romance.

Natasha & Grant - Joel Austell Photography -Real Weddings ProjectREAL WEDDINGS PROJECT
Natasha and GrantPhotography: Joel Austell Photography

There are technical reasons why B&W score well also, let’s discuss:

Even skin tones: Ever wonder why people in your parent’s wedding photos just looked better back in the day? Well besides people taking pride in looking good, B&W photography does a great

job of capturing even skin tones. It’s the main reason that women apply make-up. They want to even the skin tone and give a healthier solid complexion, look younger. It’s amazing how many color tones a person’s skin has. Today, make that your task to examine people’s skin, see the unevenness and watch for gobs of make up on women’s faces. In photo-shop we usually even skin tones as a way to enhance youth and overall photos. B&W photography does a good job of covering most of the uneven colors. You can safely say, people are generally better looking in B&W photos.

Clothing: Another reason why B&W looks great is the matching of clothes. Loud patterns and colors are muted to a nice shade of grey, black or white. Everyone in the picture looks more cohesive & put-together. A photographers trick to saving a photo is making it black and white. There is something to be said about the old photos from our parent’s books. They were romantic, right? People cared more back then, right? Yes in parts true, but that romance comes with a little assistance from classic B&W photography.

B&W in Vogue: It is never out of vogue. Ever seen a photo from the 70’s or 80’s? Have you seen someone’s wedding picture from that era and had it follow with a disclaimer,OK, those colors were in that year!”
Ever seen someone’s wedding photos from the 50’s or 60’s? How often are they followed with an apology or disclaimer? Hardly ever! That’s because B&W photos never go out of style. That’s because they shield the hideous colors, promote cohesiveness, and are simply the best way to show elegance and romance.


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Akeena & Vishal – Lin & Jirsa Photography


B&W is gorgeous in just about any format. Remember the following music videos: Madonna’s “Vogue”, it is 21 years old or Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”, 22 years old. They are sexy, timeless, and stand up against some of the most beautiful cinematography of today’s generation. There’s a reason for it all. B&W film, because classic romantic will always be.

Photo Courtesy: RobertEvans.com


What’s the fastest way of saving an unattractive background? People get married in all types of venues, some breathtaking and some…well, not as breathtaking. What’s the best way of covering unsightly wallpaper, a dying plant, smoggy sky, or just about anything else? You guessed it! It’s B&W photos. A photographer’s trick to a bad photo situation is black and white, turning a dreadful situation into a celebrated photo.

For your wedding photos consider adding B&W to your photographer’s request list. In fact, before you throw out another photo consider a quick change to B&W.