Through The Lens: Creating the Look of a Wedding Album

Wedding albums tell a story through the lens

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Have you ever noticed how a great wedding album is as much about how the photos relate to each other as it is about the individual shots?

Wedding Album Designs and Techniques

One of the best techniques your photographer can use in order to capture images for more interesting album pages is the use of different focal length lenses! If most of the images that end up in your album have all been shot with the same focal length lens, the design can be…well…visually boring.

Lawrence Crandall Photography - Wedding

Lawrence Crandall Photography

Just as a great single image can tell a story, an album page or spread composed of several images also needs to tell a “mini story” of your wedding day. One way to accomplish this is looking at the same subject from different perspectives using wide angle and telephoto lenses.Let your photographer be your scene setter.

Lawrence Crandall Photography

Lawrence Crandall Photography

Wide angle lenses are superb for environmental portraits and a grand vista. Photographs made with these lenses are great “scene setters” and give us an overall picture of a ballroom, ceremony or garden. Telephoto lenses on the other hand, are superb at showcasing small and important details. Images taken with these lenses often draw our eye to a single point of focus.

Lawrence Crandall Photography -

Lawrence Crandall Photography

Superior album design which weaves both these types of images together is more visually appealing in terms of storytelling and design. The use of different focal length lenses will make all the difference in your wedding album story!

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