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A special thanks to Wedding Planner, Melody Walker for this wonderful insight:
So many magazines, books and wedding T.V. shows are circled around the bride’s planning, design and desires for “her” dream wedding.

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Most people think that the groom’s only input in the wedding planning will be the ring, proposal, rehearsal dinner and the tuxedo.  Today the planning can be much more creative with unique input by both the bride and the groom.

More and more couples are working together on all the details of their precious day.

The groom has had the opportunity to share his taste and ideas in many of the basic plans.  He has had the opportunity to give his opinion on such a major decision as the type of ceremony and reception location that will reflect both his fiancee’s, and his own personalities, styles, and theme for their wedding celebration.

Selecting and agreeing on a wedding venue together that will reflect you both.

Such locations to choose from may be a lush vineyard in the country, a beach front boutique hotel, a private historical estate, a beautiful country club or even a rambling ranch filled with zoo animals. There are so many options available for your wedding celebration at various budgets.

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Gershon Bachus Vintners Estate
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By planning your wedding together, you both have the opportunity to express your styles and taste as a team working side by side with the expertise and guidance of your experienced wedding coordinator. These decisions that you are making with each other will lay the ground work for a successful marriage by learning how to compromise with the others choices and desires.  It will be a give and take process, as a marriage is.


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Today, getting married for the groom is more than just standing in front of your officiate and beautiful bride and saying “I Do”.  It’s important to always be a gentleman.  From asking your bride’s parent’s for her hand, to keeping the romance and passion in your lives ahead.


Romance on your special Day


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The sweetest memories….

Many brides have shared that their sweetest memories on their wedding day were the romantic thoughtful gestures their groom did to show his love. A loving groom surprised his bride with a Poem he had written and personally read to her after dinner.  Another groom had a black baby grand piano rolled onto the dance floor and then he played a medley of her favorite tunes.  A thoughtful groom wrote a heartfelt love letter to his fiancé and had it delivered to her room moments before she walked down the aisle.

One groom wrote a poem to his bride to give her right before the wedding, to express his feelings for her. I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance…Overlooking the ocean with flowers, family, and friends I asked him what kind of wedding he wished for, He said “One that would make her my wife.”


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Jewelry is a traditional gift given by the groom on their wedding day.  This is a wonderful opportunity to present her with a beautiful family heirloom at the rehearsal dinner.  Another idea is to present her with a silver bracelet or key chain engraved with a personal loving message.


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Weather it’s being an intricate part of planning your wedding day together or surprising your bride with various romantic touches throughout your celebration, you will carry with each other these precious memories to reflect on throughout your lifetime together.


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Author: Coordinator Melody Walker

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