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Hair and Make-Up trials before your big day

Author: Ellie Blomgren

Part two……Bringing a bridesmaid with you or mom is a great idea. You’ll need reassurance that you still look like yourself. That is huge. And it can be a very special time, and fun as well. (Just be selective and bring someone who will be straight with you….moms typically are pretty good at that and know you best and it’s a good time to reconnect….I’m sure by this time you’ve had a few disagreements and that is how it goes…lol). Having too many opinions there may just confuse you and send you into a tail spin, unless they all come to pour your wine then they are welcome.

Booking the trial when you have your engagement shoot set up is a bonus. You will get a glimpse of what your make-up will look like in photos and your man won’t be able to take his eyes off you,that’s what the photographer is hoping for.  You will have a little more punch than what you would wear everyday but trust the experts….the camera does take about 1/3 of the drama away. You will be surprised at how natural you will look when you get your photos back, promise you won’t scare him off, you may have to get a room later.

It’s about getting you….and making sure you still see yourself in the mirror when you are ready to get into your dress. Hide tissues in his jacket pocket….he’ll need them.

A stylist should get excited with you and help guide you into making the right choices.

Try to enjoy the process and have fun!

Images by: Ellie Blomgren – 1 look Back Photography

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