Make up Foundations for your Day

The Look of Bridal foundation makeup is ever changing.

Hulse PhotoToday’s bride is looking for a more natural glow on her big day.

Foundation Tinted Moisturizer – Tinted moisturizers are great if you  generally have excellent skin with only a few areas of light discoloration or a few blemishes that need to be dealt with. The coverage is minimal but will even out a bit of redness here and there. Concealer may be needed to fine tune coverage. Tinted moisturizer is light, easy to apply and often has SPF, which is an added bonus.

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Foundation luminizing – The biggest craze in Hollywood… luminizing foundation, and makeup artists are singing it’s praises, because the subtle illumination provided by that kind of formula adds a glow to the skin that creats youth, vitality and makes stars look like they’re literally glowing from within. Get that red carpet look with these formulas, where the lighting is out of your hands, you will especially want that actress look, subtly radiant and not greasy or shiny, this is your best bet.

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Foundation Dewy Look – This formula, the dewy look, is exactly what it sounds like. If you have dry to normal skin these are wonderful, because they moisturize, leaving your skin looking fresh and well, dewy.  If you have oily skin, this is not the foundation for you, as they do have a lot of oil in them, usually the second or third ingredient. This look also adds warmth to your skin without a heavy look, so go ahead and go a shade or two darker, it won’t look fake.

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