Professional Musicians

Professional Musicians for your Events

While playing recorded music at your ceremony and hiring a DJ for your reception are always absolutely acceptable, live music performed by professional musicians adds an additional special touch to your wedding day.

Depending on the venue, you might chooseHulse Photography a vocalist or instrumental soloist, an ensemble, or even a choir to perform before and during the ceremony.

At your reception, you might want soft music such as a solo guitarist, harpist of flutist in the background during the meal, followed by a band that specializes in your favorite style of dance music. (Make sure the band’s repertoire is large enough to keep guests dancing for the duration of the party!)

Keep your Guests Dancing!

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Whether you locate musicians for your ceremony and/or reception through word of mouth or online, try to catch a live performance—or at least watch a video—to ensure that you’ll be happy with your choice

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Hulse Photography

Using a professional music/DJ company will always provide you with the insurance that you can play any song you want at your ceremony and reception. It’s also in many cases a more affordable option as well compared to hiring live talent/performers.

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