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Ah, what to do and when to do it!

A great (and quick) Groom’s to-do list! While most of you grooms are happy to sit back and let your bride plan your wedding day the way she’s imagined it since she was 5, there are some things you can do in the process to make your day extra special.

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Tuxedos/Formalwear: Tuxedos should be bought or rented at least 3 months before your wedding day. That includes not only your tuxedo, but your groomsmen as well. Most tuxedo shops give discounts to larger groups. Make sure the shop also provides all the accessories such as ties, shoes, cuff-links, suspenders and anything else you’ve chosen.

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Your Vows: One of the most important aspects of the wedding! While some grooms opt for standard vows, some of you may want to put your heartfelt words to pen and paper. This is a great opportunity for you poets, musicians, and romantics to tell her how you feel about this moment.

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Wedding night: Getting the hotel / booking a room! You’ll need an after-wedding destination! If you choose a special suite for your wedding night, share that information only with someone close to you or you may be surprised with a practical joke at the end of the night. Finding just the right place to stay makes it extra special.

Rings: It’s customary that you get the wedding rings for both of you. Many grooms today are opting to engrave the wedding bands with their favorite quote, verse or their wedding date.


First Dance? Something to think about. Are you up for learning how to do a custom dance as your first dance?

Limo? Don’t forget to arrange transportation for the both of you after the wedding.


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While you set the entire wedding in motion by popping the question in the first place, your place in the wedding planning plays an integral part in making sure everything runs smoothly.

Happy Planning!

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