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bluray logoBlu-Ray video is an amazing product. Blu-Ray has become the standard for delivering the best high-definition experience available. It looks better, it sounds better, and it does a very fantastic job of making us feel as if we are really “in the moment.” On it’s tails is the uber-phenomonally beautiful 4K Ultra-HD. For now let’s discuss what’s mainstream and what most videographers shoot and edit with…

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When it comes to memories and recalling the most important day of your life, the clearer, more vivid images will always help you do just that. We believe the aim of high-definition is not only to relive this pivotal moment in your life, but to make you feel as if you were there once again…the beauty of the flowers, the walk down the aisle during the ceremony.

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That is precisely the advantage of Blu-Ray: it provides you with a medium to experience those real-life memories in rich, vivid colors all over again. High-definition also carries the weight of a 16×9 wide-screen format which gives a theatrical, movie like experience. Furthermore, the resolutions of your serene images will outperform those of standard definition several times over.

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Not only does the medium of Blu-Ray enhance your visual experience, but it includes the next best thing: crystal clear audio. Audio can account for nearly 80% of your overall movie experience. The Blu-Ray disc format fits more than five times the amount of data than a standard DVD. With that much extra space, videographers can include lossless quality audio rather than having to compress their audio streams as they did before on standard DVD’s. The results produce the emotions like you are reliving your wedding day: from the excitement of walking down the aisle, to the party and dancing atmosphere during your celebration.

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Blu-Ray is here to stay. Blu-Ray players skyrocketed. We celebrate the extreme quality of the new wedding cinema with this medium. Now, Blu-Ray outsell standard DVD players. The medium is now affordable, higher quality and more durable than its obsolete DVD predecessor. With enhanced menus, superb resolution and audio, it’s easy to see why people are quickly making the change.The players now “upgrade the picture quality of a standard DVD to make it better when it plays back on your TV.

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With all of that said, perhaps Blu-Ray’s greatest quality is its inevitable longevity; eventually, everything will be presented in high-definition, and your wedding video should be no exception because just like a fine wine, your wedding memories will become more and more precious as time passes. In ten or twenty years, you will continue to reap the rewards of your investment today because you will know in both your heart and with your eyes that your video was covered in the finest possible quality the world could deliver…Blu-Ray.

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UPDATE: 4K ULTRA-HD HD Video is on the Horizon and COMING SOON!


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