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More than Wedding Cinema – here’s entertainment for your guests at the ceremony and reception!

Play Button GoogleA wedding video, “Wedding Cinema” is truly important and a real requirement when planning a wedding. This article in particular is crafted to introduce and educate you about a feature of video production that is truly powerful to the entertainment value of a wedding/reception.

Yes, of course you are planning to hire a wedding cinematographer/videographer to create “Wedding Cinema” (a wedding video, Blu-Ray, 4K video) for you, as there’s no better documentation of the wedding experience. But when it comes to truly entertaining and enthralling guests at a wedding, there’s no more impressive way than this creative entertainment art form. Wedding Films are what they are.

Computer Editing Station -

Computer Editing Station

This is NOT your Mom and Dad’s VHS wedding VHS or DVD from the 80’s/90’s! These days more and more wedding filmmakers are taking their skill to the next level and creating a live, “day-of” entertainment experience that wedding guests will never forget. Watch the wedding day unfold again on the big screen at the wedding reception! Read below and get all the details and some great examples of what these wedding filmmakers are producing for couples…

The “concept video,” referred to most recently as the “concept film” and the “same-day-edit” are two wedding film productions that offer ways to incorporate an unforgettable film-going experience for wedding guests at the reception as a main event.

The “Concept Video”

“Concept videos and films” describe a specific type of scripted short film, which are created much like a Hollywood movie prior to the wedding. They often employ locations, sets and actors to create a highly polished short movie starring the bride and groom that, when done well by talented filmmakers, looks just like a Hollywood – or if an Indian wedding a, “Bollywood” – movie. The concept is often based on the first meeting, proposal or wedding itself, and allows for a dramatic retelling in true Hollywood or “Bollywood” fashion. It could be as complex as a music video, with a large cast, have multiple changes of scenes and costumes, or involve only the bride and groom.

The Emotion Picture Studio
Concept Video

Same Day Edit - Concept Video

Concept video played prior to ceremony start. (Notice video screen at top left in the photo).
Courtesy: The Emotion Picture Studio

Concept Video Produced by: The Emotion Picture Studio

Production notes from the Videoographers: The Emotion Picture Studio
Concept videos can be pure entertainment or they can serve purpose – or both! This couple wanted to set the tone for their wedding from the get go. So, at the start of the ceremony, before they saw their guests and their guests saw them, they played this video as a prelude to the festivities. It was a huge success! The guests loved the video and a party vibe was set from moment one. What was extra fun about this concept video is that it was integrated into the flow of the day, we didn’t stop the action to show a video it was built in to the ceremony.”


Mountain Fresh Films
Concept Video

Concept Video Produced by: Mountain Fresh Films

Production notes from the Videoographers: Mountain Fresh Films
“The idea of two individuals joining is arguably global, but is it universal? “What if interstellar travelers wanted to study us? Specifically, what if they wanted to study some of our joining rituals, customs and ceremonies?” This is the premise of this concept film. We extracted several short clips from some of our full-length wedding films. We also composed the appropriate music to create a feeling of discovery and adventure. In our galaxy alone, there are over 200 billion stars and scientists have now counted over 100 billion galaxies so far. I suspect two things: 1. We are not alone and 2. Love, in its many forms, is indeed universal.”


Prince Productions

Concept Video



Robert Michael Films

Concept Video

“Concept Video: Love Story” Video Produced by: Robert Michael Films

Production notes from the Videoographers: Robert Michael Films
When I met with Lindzey and Anson in our initial meeting to discuss filming their wedding they brought up the idea of also doing some type of same day edit or a slideshow that they could show at the reception. First of all, I loved both of them immediately! They way they spoke about each other and the enthusiasm they had for their upcoming wedding were contagious. Personally, at the forefront of any film that I produce I want quality and creativity to be the focus.
My suggestion for them was to just film them talking about each other like they were doing at our meeting. I asked them a few questions about places or activities that meant something to them and then put together a very simple concept. We decided to meet up at Balboa Beach which was were they went on their first date. I simply asked them to have a chat about how they met, their first date and how Anson proposed. Anson is a very romantic guy and had a very elaborate proposal day planned out. Then we took a quick walk to the beach and the boardwalk where I asked them to just interact with each other how they normally do. 
In the editing process I chose to cut up the segments out of sequence and include some photos that Anson provided as a surprise for Lindzey. He sent over a few images from their Disneyland date and the day he proposed so I could work them into the video and give it some context. In fact, when I finished their actual wedding film I sent it over just to Anson so that he could surprise her with a date night while they watched it. 


The Same-Day-Edit

While “concept films” offer a glimpse into the heightened reality of a couples’ love story created prior to the wedding, a “same-day-edit” offers a unique cinematic glimpse into the wedding day that is created on the very day itself. Wedding guests are offered an immediate, cinematic look into various moments of the wedding day that would be otherwise impossible with any other medium. With a multi-day wedding ceremony this could include highlights of the previous days’ events and the preparations just prior to the wedding, in addition to highlights of the actual ceremony.

Mountain Fresh Films –
Wedding Highlights edited then presented on your wedding day! A reception MAIN EVENT!

Creative editing geniuses produce an imaginative and creative edit on-the-fly as events have developed shape this amazing entertainment piece show at the reception on the big screen for all  the wedding guests to enjoy!

EDITING/PRODUCTION – Mark, of Mountain Fresh Films assembles a “Same Day Edit” Presentation as the wedding day unfolds. Video was soon presented to the guests.  Great entertainment piece.



Delack Media Group –
Wedding Highlights edited then presented on your wedding day! A reception MAIN EVENT!
The guests who were unable to attend the pre-ceremony and ceremony events get to see and appreciate the many traditions that lead up to the vows.

EDITING/PRODUCTION – Nathan, of Delack Media Group created a “Same Day Edit” Presentation for this couple’s wedding. It’s not often you ever see the client’s real reactions to watching the film that the wedding film team created. Same Day Edits (SDE) and Next Day Edits (NDE) allow the filming team a rare opportunity to sit back and see the raw emotions that pour out from the clients and their guests. Watch the couple’s wedding trailer here: Wedding Film/Highlights Trailer


Godfather Films


“Same-Day Edit” Video Produced by: Godfather Films

Production notes from the Videoographers: Godfather Films
“We’ve been producing Same Day Wedding Edits since 1990 and we never get tired of the surprised reaction of wedding guests when we Play button Googleplay films like this at the reception. Katie and Brian had so many cool design elements that we wanted to include the monogrammed dance floor, spectacular décor and aerial drone coverage of the unique geometric shape of the Pacific Lawn. Our clients choose their licensed music prior to the wedding which allows us to create a shot list to match the words of the song. We always use sound bites to tell the story, so we also use a version of the music without vocals which allows us to fade out vocals as needed. We used five HD cameras for the ceremony plus a gimbal and drone for opening and closing aerials of the spectacular Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, California.”


Robles Video Productions


“Same-Day Edit” Video Produced by: Robles Video Productions

Production notes from the Videoographers: Robles Video Productions
“Not only are we in love with this same day edit, we think this might be one of the sweetest couples we’ve met! They decided to have their wedding at the Riverside Gurdwara located in Southern California. As part of the Indian tradition, bride’s always have a farewell ceremony.  In the Sikh faith this is called a “Doli,” in the Hindu faith it’s called a “Viddai.”  After the Doli, the bride and groom departed via helicopter.  We integrated, time-lapse, drone coverage and a Ronin (stabilizer).”

There is no denying that for over a century motion pictures have illuminated, inspired and captivated mass audiences the world over like no other artistic medium. It’s even been said that the first motion picture audiences to gaze upon the silver screen had to “suspend their disbelief” at the moving sights and sounds of life unfolding before them in such vivid detail.


Lin & Jirsa Studios

Same Day-Edit

“Same-Day Edit” Video Produced by: Lin and Jirsa Studios

Production notes from the Videoographers: Lin and Jirsa Studios
This incredible wedding is one of our favorites. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer, more gracious couple, or more gorgeous couple. Their artistic vision gave us plenty of elements to play with, and all of the excellent work of the wedding vendors made the jam-packed day a breeze. We chose to move the story along with their personal messages to each other, starting with a subdued, calm song that builds up to a more upbeat feel as the day progresses. The client absolutely loved the video and we even saw a few tears from the audience members. As cinematographers, there’s no better feeling than that!”


Emotional Movie Cinema & Wedding


Conceptual: “Creative-Vision” Highlights Film Video Produced by: Emotional Movie

Production notes from the Cinematographers:

“We like to give a creative vision of a wedding day with our highlights films. There are many ways to document a wedding, but there should be no comparison between the disciplines, time and talent required to properly produce a stunning wedding film to that of any other artist or medium. With the right wedding filmmakers, there will be no keepsake more timeless, vivid, emotional and evocative than a film to commemorate your wedding celebration.”

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