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Ice cream sundae bars call for gourmet toppings

Cold, sweet and creamy … coned or “sundaed” … smothered with hot fudge or served straight up … ice cream’s a sure hit at any gathering. Especially a wedding reception! Ice cream sundae bars! All this and Cake too. Create a fun dessert masterpiece at the wedding reception. Have your caterer build and service an ice cream bar and create an instant memory of your wedding day.

Check out these great photos from Jay’s Catering in Southern California!

Ice Cream Sundae Bar_001_Compliments of Jay's Catering

Ice Cream Sundae Bar Photos Compliments of Jay’s Catering

Ice Cream Sundae Bar_003_Compliments of Jay's Catering

Ice Cream Sundae Bar. Photos Compliments of Jay’s Catering

Wedding Desserts!


Ice Cream Sundae Bar Photos Compliments of Jay's Catering

Ice Cream Sundae Bar Photos Compliments of Jay’s Catering

Get creative with your flavors and match the tints to your theme.  Go beyond vanilla, strawberry and pistachio. Coconut, sweet cherry and honeydew … white chocolate, bubblegum and green tea … any of these combinations will compliment your pink, green and white décor.  Not to mention the tantalizing taste sensations that will surprise your guests!

No ice cream bar would be complete without gourmet toppings and yummy edible bowls.  Dare to go beyond the waffle cones! Stand out with crispy crunchy chocolate drizzled gourmet praline cups.  Get your guests in touch with their inner child with oversized, warm, fresh-from- the-oven chocolate chip cookie bowls.

All this and Cake too!

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to toppings!  Mix it up with hot and cold offerings – chocolate, caramel, strawberry, peanut butter fudge and marshmallow cream are sure fire winners.  Scatter attractive miniature colorful buckets around the table to hold chopped nuts, fresh fruits and berries, chopped candy bars, mini-marshmallows, chocolate chips and loads of colored sprinkles!  Offer up a variety of flavored whipped creams — think chocolate mocha, crème de menthe, butterscotch.  Give your more adventurous guests the option of vodka spiked raspberry or chocolate-cherry cream.

Set out your ice cream bar and stand back – your guests will happily do the work!

Amazing Images provided by Jay’s Catering

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