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The importance of a wedding reception or rehearsal dinner toast.

Just as important as planning your seating chart, or a menu suitable for everyone’s palate, is the importance of when to conduct a toast and choosing those who will be toasting you. The toast is often ignored as a minor detail, however, the toast can make the difference between an occasion full of fond, happy and sentimental memories, or awkward and unnecessarily embarrassing moments.

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A good toast will be savored, enjoyed and filled with fondness.  A bad toast, well, obviously, no one wants to start their wedding reception with someone taking the cheer out of the clinking of glasses and the offering of cheers.

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Giving a toast is a privilege, and the person selected to give it should remember, it is presented to honor and offer kind and loving wishes to the bride and groom.  It is a toast everyone in attendance will want to affirm by raising their glasses in agreement.

At the rehearsal dinner, usually the host of the event will give the first toast during the meal.  This is typically the grooms father.  Traditionally the brides father will follow and also offer a toast.

The mother of the bride and mother of the groom may want to share an anecdote or two and toast the couple, and then the floor is open!  Wedding attendants, and family and friends will generally take this more relaxed and intimate opportunity to share their heartfelt good wishes with the happy couple.

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Traditional etiquette states that at a wedding reception the first toast is generally given by the best man.  Others may want to present toasts and these should follow the best man’s formal toast.  The father of the bride and then the father of the groom will want to toast their now joined families and the bride and groom.  The maid-of-honor may participate if she wishes, and then of course the bride and groom will close the toasting with a special toast to their parents, families, attendants, guests, and finally to each other.

If you choose to allow more people to toast than those listed above, it’s a good idea to find out first who in the wedding party.
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