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Modern Groom Accessories are Embracing the Trends in a Big Way!

Sacs Fitth Ave - Fendi Metal and Leather Bracelet

Saks Fifth Ave – Fendi Metal and Leather Bracelet

Bracelets, cuff links and tie tacks, in every conceivable style and pattern, are making their way down the aisle on the best dressed men around. Picture a red beaded bracelet – perfectly matching his silk pocket square – peeking out the edge of his jacket that is what I call guy glam. Looking for something a bit more classic? How about a silver box link bracelet or black leather band? A simply elegant way to set off his new ring.

Cuff links have come a long way since your daddy’s plain gold squares!

Bloomingdales - Jan Leslie Cufflinks

Bloomingdales – Jan Leslie Cufflinks

Now available in an eye-popping array of colors and styles, prints and patterns, shapes and sizes, there’s a set sure to satisfy any taste. For a touch of whimsy, consider plaid or striped links. Make a bold statement with a silver pair inset with glittery stones. A hammered copper set is perfect for a more laid back feel. Give a nod to his favorite pastime with figurals. Rock out with miniature guitars, set sail with nautical knots, make a hole in one with a gold toned golf bag.

Nordstom - Copper Cuff-links

Nordstrom – Copper cuff links

Tie pins, tacks or bars – another subtle way to highlight his individuality, taste and style. The copper cuff-links off his cuffs makes a simple, yet elegant, statement. The combo of brushed gold and embossed leather is perfect for an outdoor soiree. Go old-school Hollywood with a silver bar and a black enamel insert. Add a pop of color with a purple bayberry tie tack. Perfect against his black tie!
Groom glam – a trend we like to see!

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Sak’s Fifth Ave

Nordstom -Burberry tie bar

Nordstrom -Burberry tie bar

Saks Fitth Ave - David Yurman Sterling Silver and Black Diamond Ring

Saks Fifth Ave – David Yurman Sterling Silver and Black Diamond Ring

Saks Fifth Ave Cufflinks Footballs

Saks Fifth Ave Cuff links Footballs

Bloomingdale's Dolan Gold Bracelet With Diamonds

Bloomingdale’s Dolan Gold Bracelet With Diamonds

Bloomingdale's Decorative Circle Stud and Cufflink Set

Bloomingdale’s Decorative Circle Stud and Cuff link Set