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Winter rehearsal dinner menus

Author:Marisilda Garcia

Mozambique FireplaceAs seasons change, so does your menu! Winter wedding options differ from other seasons in flavor, combination’s and options. With winter weddings, think toasty! With cooler weather outside, it’s important to keep your guests warm and toasty on the inside as they share your special day.

So what’s trendy on the menu this year? Soups! Think hearty, dense soups such as potato leek, cheddar potato, tomato basil or anywhere in between.

As a great option for your rehearsal dinner, why not offer a soup and salad option? Treat your guests to hearty portions of fresh vegetables in both warm and cold options.

Winter wedding menus are also a great opportunity for your meat and potato fans, as mashed potatoes and Filet Mignon top the menu list. For you vegetarians, mushrooms, eggplant and risotto are great options for a hearty, filling meal.


Cupcakes at MozambiqueWhat’s for dessert? Play up your dessert menu by providing themed desserts such as chocolate covered pretzels, Mexican hot chocolate or fresh cupcakes. Winter holidays abound during this season, leaving you room for creative dessert ideas.

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Images by: Mozambique Restaurant

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