Haute design

Take a look at how amazing the trend can look mixed together.

If you are a bride you are likely to have your eyes glued to all the blogs, magazines, and websites that you can find in the quest to figure out your haute wedding theme and design. This can be a daunting task because you want your wedding to be trendy, unique, and represent your style. This is why we have created this awesome blog series just for YOU!

One of the HOTTEST trends in color is metallics- now before you go thinking about your Grandma’s ‘70’s gold lame’ couch, let’s show you how awesome this trend can be.

Everything looks good in metallics: cars, shoes, purses, dresses, the list goes on. What better than a wedding to use this regal palette. You might not think that you can mix metallics but if done the right way it is very chic. So often brides and grooms pick silver or gold as an accent for their color palette, but why not mix them together or add pewter, copper, etc. to it.

Every row of tables was designed with a different metallic palette- this would be awesome for your event to create a different feel throughout the reception and keep you away from the “uniform” look.
A Good Affair Event Production

To further the look- use different arrangements on the tables- for larger weddings you could have 3 or 4 looks that you repeat throughout the room. You can take it a step further and use different china and silver with each “look” too (FYI- this will require a large budget).

The Gold Look

The Bronze Look

And the Always Fabulous Silver

A Good Affair Wedding and Event Production
A Good Affair Wedding and Event Production
If this look is too bold for you try using just 1 or 2 colors to create a luxurious palette for your wedding design! Stay tuned for more Haute Design Couture to inspire you for your special day!
Images provided by: Melissa Jill Photography
Article by: Natalie Good, A Good Affair Wedding and Event Productions