Romancing the Stone - Wedding Compass

Personalizing your wedding rings

Once you get past the cut, color, clarity and carat discussions, the real fun of personalizing your wedding bands begins. Whether you take a cue from Hollywood trendsetters and have your diamonds set in platinum, opt for the sophisticated elegance of a retro style, go with understated classic modern, or incorporate an unexpected spot of color, the rings you select will reflect your unique personalities as a couple.

Once considered solely the domain of the bride, diamonds are appearing embedded on JamesAllen.comgroom’s rings as complimentary bands gain popularity. Other unifying options include inscribing the inside of the rings with your names, wedding date, a romantic quote or line from your favorite love ballad.


The daring among you may want to add an unexpected shot of color in the form of a yellow diamond, green tourmaline or blue sapphire nestled in a traditional white diamond setting. Traditionalists should consider a vintage design with a hidden meaning. The figure eight signifies eternity, while a matched set of center stones represents the two of you become one.

Whatever style you choose as you begin your personal history, yours will be a band that rocks.

Image by: Professional Jewelers