Surprise the Groom with a Cuban Cigar Roller! - Wedding Compass

Custom Cuban cigars rolled at the reception

Author: Tracy Baker

The bride often wants to do something special for groom as a lot of the wedding activity seems to center on her. So, one idea is to surprise the groom with a Cuban Cigar Roller. The roller usually arrives after dinner and after the cake is cut.

Imagine the groom and the other men at the wedding’s surprise when they see an authentic Cigar Roller, who is from Cuba, rolling cigars just for them! It is great entertainment at the end of a reception and a special surprise for the cigar smoking Groom –he will appreciate that you thought of him.

The cigars can be custom banded with the name of the bride and groom and the wedding date or just the classic initial. The cigars come in a good variety of sizes and types of tobacco so everyone at the wedding will be happy with the selection.

Cigar Roller is a unique add on to any wedding. Even the non-smoking Grandmother will enjoy watching the Roller work his magic, it is a fascinating process.