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Napkins Offer A Great Design Opportunity

A Glittering Napkin Ring Adds Glam Image Provided By Baker Party Rentals

If you’ve ever been on vacation at an all-inclusive hotel or on a cruise ship, one of the things you may have noticed is the turn-down service in your room. Towels are transformed into swans or hearts. What if you could use that idea to add a little something extra to your wedding reception and Rehearsal Dinner.

There are many different ways to make this happen. If you’re going for a classic black tie affair, incorporating a silver napkin ring or ribbons and flowers can add a pop of color to a white napkin. Turning a napkin into a bow tie or a rose is a small step away from the classic white napkin and it allows you to play with different colors.

Taking Shape

Want more shapes? Try turning your napkin into a heart or an open fan. I’ve seen napkins turned into a man’s shirt and a woman’s 1940’s small cape. If your reception is a culinary treat, turn your napkin into a chef’s hat and complete the look with a sprig of rosemary. Using flowers and herbs in your napkin design can add extra color and sparkle to your place settings. Whatever you decide, make sure it compliments the overall theme of your wedding.

A Bright Napkin Folded Into A Tropical Flower Enhances The Setting. Image Provided By Baker Party Rentals

Going A Step Further

Draping brightly colored napkins at each place setting can add color to the table setting. Make an elegant statement by adding ribbon and the sparkle of a piece of costume jewelry. Nestle a thank you gift in each guest’s napkin, or create a pouch to slip a thank you gift into and set it on the dinner plate.
Don’t forget that the fabric chosen for the napkins can help express the theme:  a silky fabric will say opulence, a coarser fabric is fitting for rustic settings. Canvas fabric might work well for a nautical, beach or garden themed event.

Choosing napkins can be as much fun as choosing the centerpiece for the table. Let your imagination go.

Happy Planning!

Images Provided By: Baker Party Rentals, White Lilac Event Design, Square Root Event Design, Everafter Events, Robert Evans Studios, Lawrence Crandall Photography, Robert Ortiz Photography Studio, Darin Fong Photography

A Special Gift Nestled In A Napkin Image Provided By Baker Party Rentals

A Napkin Folded Into A Pouch Creates The Perfect Presentation For A Gift Image Provided By Lawrence Crandall Photography

An Elegant White Linen Napkins With Ribbon And An Olive Sprig Image Provided By White Lilac Event Design

Green Napkins Draped Over The Edge Of The Table Enhance The Color Scheme. Image Provided By Robert Evans Photography

Shining Fabric Enhanced By A Delicate Ring Lends Opulence. Image Provided By Square Root Event Design

Soft Color And An Antique Looking Decoration Create A Vintage Feeling. Image Provided By White Lilac Event Design

Colorful Ribbon And A Fresh Flower Add To The Spring Theme. Image Provided By Square Root Event Design

Delicate Fabric Adds To The Victorian Feel. Image Provided By Robert Ortiz Photography

Succulents and coarsely woven napkins create a rustic feel. Image Provided By Rancho Las Lomas

Star Fish Placed On Napkins Add A Nautical Feel. Design: Everafter Events Photography: Chelsea Anne Photography

Set A Rustic Table With A Coarsely Woven Napkin Topped With Succulents And Twigs. Image Provided By Square Root Event Design

This Gold Napkin Embellished With A Golden Leaf, Holds A Menu And A Seating Card. Image Provided By White Lilac Event Design