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Is There Something To That Old Saying, Happy Wife, Happy Life?

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When preparing to head down the aisle, most blissfully happy couples are usually not all that concerned about the hardships of a relationship.  They’re young, in love and focused on their present state of happiness.  With the excitement of the upcoming wedding, the varied celebrations leading up to their union, the honeymoon… Who wouldn’t be happy?  And, if they are truly in love, committed to each other and dedicated to spending the rest of their lives together, they have every reason to be happy.  The key is to stay that way.  Right?  But how do you keep that love light burning?  Make your wife a happy wife!

The Research Reveals…

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A recent Rutgers University study published in the October issue of the Journal of Marriage and Family basically states that when a wife is happy, the husband generally fares better and feels better about their life and marriage.

The study reveals that when a woman is happy with her marriage, her spouse tends to have a higher view of his own well-being and the state of his relationship.  When the wife was unhappy, her husband’s sense of contentment about life and his outlook about their relationship took a serious hit and his overall view about the marriage was also diminished, even if he is generally satisfied and committed to the relationship.  If she’s unhappy, he’s unhappy.

The study also notes that because women are more vocal about their feelings, happy or not, their dissatisfaction with the state of their marriage is most likely known by their husbands and his being aware of her angst, clearly effects his outlook and attitude about their marriage as well.

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