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Now, what can a man do to make his wife happy?

That, of course, depends on who she is and what interests her.  What does she like?  What does she love?  What is she passionate about and what does she love most about him and why?

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Many men feel that the random bouquet of flowers or gifts  “just because” will please his woman. Flowers or gifts are generally appreciated and welcomed, but in reality, a woman wants to know through clear communication that she is loved, admired, and respected.  Communication is key with most women.  So, keep communicating.  Discuss the positive things, all of the passions you share, your goals, dreams, all of the things you both enjoy about each other.  Keep those things at the forefront of your conversations.  Definitely discuss your pet peeves, find out what problems you both need to work on, but leave plenty of room to talk about all that is right.

Positive Focus

We live in a world where media and news outlets will focus on bad news over good. MichaelJonathanStudios.com

Rarely does a TV news broadcast lead with a “feel good” story.  Good news doesn’t sell.  Audiences are drawn to train wrecks, scandals, fires and floods.  Like those who slow down and crane their necks to see the results of a car accident, we are more enticed by the sensational, or gory, or dramatic details when it comes to talking about “interesting” topics, or watching the news.   Perhaps due to this media conditioning, we also dwell a little more heavily on the negatives in a relationship rather than shining a light on the positive attributes of one another.  Reverse the trend.  Talk about the good before you embark on the bad or the ugly aspects of your relationship.

According to the Rutgers University study, having a harmonious marriage and keeping the love fire stoked long after the “I do’s” are spoken, is as simple as making sure your bride is happy with your relationship.  Seems simple, but like any goal worth achieving, it takes work.

To use the acronym – H-A-P-P-Y:

H – Heart-to-heart communication.
A – Acknowledge all that you love about each other.
P – Positive outlook.
P – Playful.  Take time to be playful and have fun.
Y – Yes!  Say yes to a successful relationship and a future filled with happiness!
As cliché as it seems, sayings like “Happy wife, happy life” or “If momma’s not happy, nobody’s happy!” tend to withstand the test of time because they are sayings that ring true.  If you want a happy marriage and a harmonious life – focus on what makes you happy and be happy.
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