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One Of The Most Special Moments

Your wedding will be one of the most special moments in your life. You’ve possibly replayed it in your mind up to a thousand times – the glittering wedding dress, the attention to detail, the delicious fragrance of food, the excitement of your family and friends, the music on the dance floor, the gorgeous reception venue and ceremony location, and the excellent photography to capture the memories of the day!


It goes without saying, how important wedding photography is. These days, with the “art” of wedding photography being at its pinnacle in the history of photography due to the digital camera, you will have a choice to make as you consider the various styles that wedding photographers offer. Do you want classic wedding photography that is mostly posed and recreated? Or do you prefer more authentic photos that are documentary in style where the photographer blends into the background with your guests? Gone are the days when wedding photographer is so conservative that he literally counts the number of “clicks” on his camera for fear of running out of film! Because of this limitation, wedding photographers before the digital era were mostly portrait in style. In modern times, wedding photographers can go to the opposite extreme! Because they don’t worry anymore about running out of film, they almost mindlessly photograph anything and everything, hoping for a few good images! The best of the best, however, shoot with a high degree of precision and care, and deliver one amazing photograph after the next! This is where documentary or reportage wedding photography comes into the limelight!


What Is Reportage Wedding Photography:

Reportage or photojournalistic wedding photography is discreet, unobtrusive and candid. It’s particularly suited for couples who want the authentic emotion and feeling of the special wedding day captured on camera. In short and simple words, the documentary wedding photographer will photograph the wedding day as it unfolds naturally with little to no intervention.


Things To Know About Reportage Wedding Photography:

  • Upon choosing a boutique wedding photographer in Birmingham, it is important to understand how he/she goes about finding documentary photographs during the wedding day. Their approach is to begin early in the day so that you can get used to having a photographer in the room with you. At first it may feel strange, but you will quickly “tune” them out of your mind as you are distracted by the excitement of the day and your family and friends. When this happens, your documentary photographer will capture natural photographs of your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day.

  • The important challenge within documentary wedding photography includes capturing the little events – all the things often go unnoticed or are left out by other styles of photography. It’s a shame because its these photographs that show the real enchantment of a wedding day. If you want spontaneous and natural photos, then commissioning a photographer who specializes in a documentary approach is essential.

  • Reportage style photographs work very well in black and white – no doubt the timeless look will surely compliment captured moments and convert them into something very special. Another reason why documentary images are often made black and white is to emphasize the importance of the moment, especially when the colors in the scene become a distraction. That doesn’t mean that color images are not acceptable for documentary photographs. It’s often a subjective decision.

  • Remember that the photos of your wedding day will last a lifetime and you’ll want to show your children and grandchildren the story of your actual day – not a sequence of formally posed portraits without any intimacy and warmth. It might cost you a bit more than a conventional wedding photographer; but when it comes to preserving your memories of the best day of your life, it will be well worth the cost!


Documentary photographs are candid or spontaneous pictures of people and décor that are not posed or recreated moments by the photographer. The moments are real and historical, unique to only your day! Ray Anthony Photography is known specifically as the premier documentary-style and boutique wedding photography studio in Michigan,

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