New Lighting Trends-Wedding Receptions, Parties, Special Events

New trends in decor lighting, transform your wedding reception, parties and special events from ordinary to extraordinary.

Lighting is the single best way to transform any venue from ordinary to extraordinary! On the forefront of this trend, more lighting for weddings is the new craze for LED Lighting. LED lighting is the hottest type of lighting out in the market right now.

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As we near the end of every year and await the new year in the wedding and event industry, one thing is certain, lighting will be more and more incorporated as a décor item in many budgets of upcoming engaged couples.

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More and more event professionals are switching from conventional lighting to LED everyday. LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode.” Basically emits very little heat and takes very little power to run. With the growing emphasis on going green nowadays, LED lighting is the way to go if you want to help the environment while making any event look fabulous. LED lighting is actually more vibrant in color than traditional gel lighting commonly available in par can lights and, once again, emits very little heat and or power.

These LED lights can be used for beautiful up-lighting, lighting centerpieces, and wonderful area lighting as well.


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The absolute newest craze in LED technology is battery-operated led lights. The technology has improved so much within the last year that battery operated LED lights can last for up to 10 hours at an event. These battery operated LED lights can be used for beautiful up-lighting, lighting centerpieces, and wonderful area lighting as well. Battery operated lights come with a remote control controller that can be operated up to 200 feet away and the colors in the venue can change very smoothly any time during the evening. Vendors that use this technology do not require any power whatsoever and the run off of a remote control so there are no wires or taping necessary. This is great because a lot of venues do not want any type of tape seen by guests. Additionally, the battery-operated LED lights are small and unobtrusive to guests and can also be used to light under tables or to highlight ice sculptures, etc. Battery-operated LED lighting can be easily moved any time inside or outside due to the fact that no wires are necessary. Technology has now given us the ability to have a wonderful event with amazing lighting that is also more environmentally friendly and looks better than traditional lighting. Give LED lighting a try at your next event, especially battery-operated LED lighting.

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