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A big part of event productions and weddings!

Event lighting has always played a vital role in large-scale event production but in the past decade or so it has transcended the corporate market and found it’s way into weddings.

Reception lighting - Atmosphere Events

A relatively inexpensive way to transform any room or environment, lighting can create mood, direct attention and overall transform your reception.

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When planning your big day look into what a qualified lighting production company can do to add the extra touch to your most magical evening.

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Up Lighting is probably one of the most popular options for event lighting. Can’s of light are placed throughout your reception area and wash the walls of your room. This allows you to bring down fluorescent house lighting and create a beautiful atmosphere. LED color changing up lighting can also be implemented to set mood parameters and transform the feel of a room for open dancing.

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Pin Spot Lighting draw focus and attention to guest centerpieces, your cake table, and guest registration areas. A narrow beam of lighting either suspended to the facility ceiling or attached to a draped pipe and base stand targets each area where you wish to draw guest attention. A beautiful way to showcase all the hard work that went into making your room come together.

Atmosphere Lighting Services Orange County

Stock Images are lighting overlays that play into the theme of your event. Snowflakes designs projected throughout your room for a winter wonderland feel or bamboo images for a more spring feel. These overlays can even be displayed across your dance floor for a truly magical look.

Atmosphere Lighting Services Orange County

Custom Gobo’s are similar to that of a stock image but designed specifically for the couple. This Gobo can be a monogram of their last name, perhaps both their names with a heart around as a border or any design that the couple chooses. Discuss design options with your invitation company to really bring the theme of your event together and place your trademark.

Atmosphere Lighting Services Orange County
Atmosphere Lighting Services Orange County

Intelligent Lighting is where the fun really begins.The same type of lighting you will find at any high-end nightclub or concert arena, this lighting effect requires a designer to work with your facility’s layout and order of events. Lights can be programmed to interact with all key events such as having the lights scan throughout the room for a grand entrance, wash the bride and groom as they dance their first dance, and change color’s and patterns for open dancing.

Atmosphere Lighting Services Orange County

This is just a small touch of the many lighting options that lighting companies can provide. Call today to schedule a consultation meeting or visit a showroom to see exactly how a decor lighting specialist can create the perfect atmosphere for your big day.

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