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Let Nature Be Your Color Guide

Woodland Inspiration

This is a great year for weddings and the Southern California weather affords you the opportunity to use many colors to make your day unique and extra special. The sunshine brings with it vibrant hues, elegant neutrals and prefect color combinations regardless of the time of year.


Start With the Big Picture

There’s no bigger combination of color right now than light blue/greens and orange/peaches. Think of the variations in those colors alone: mint, turquoise, aqua, teal, coral, pink, blush, orange, peach, and tangerine are just the beginning. There’s an array of combinations here that can be used anywhere from your bridesmaid dresses to your flowers and decorations. Soften the mood and create a relaxed atmosphere with pastels within this color palette if you’re looking for something less vibrant.

Perfect Color For Any Setting

garden-styleLiving in Southern California allows for outdoor weddings by the sea, in the desert or the forest. The color palette in each of these locations varies, yet gives you the opportunity to include Mother Nature in your design. Beach weddings invoke hues that mirror the ocean, sand and sunsets. Desert weddings allow for desert sunset hues and the deep, rich colors of the earth. Greens, yellows, and blues combined with accent colors in red or orange play well in forest weddings.

natural-selectionsWhen combining colors for your big day, look at your surroundings and let them speak to you. Try accent colors for an extra pop of color or keep things simple with a neutral palette. Let your color choices be an extension of the love your celebrating on your big day.

Happy Planning!

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