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Michael Jonathan Studios - Floral decor: Summer In BloomSummer evokes a sense of the carefree. Numerous couples choose a destination wedding or outdoor venues in the milder climates. Your summer event can be super-casual, whimsical, or chic depending on the image you want to convey.

When choosing a color scheme there are many factors to consider. Recently a bride was marrying a groom of Asian decent and he wanted to incorporate red (as is custom) but she loved aqua/turquoise. She selected red bridesmaid dresses Michael Jonathan Studios - Floral decor: Summer In Bloombut did not want red flowers.

Elegant Varieties of Flowers  – The answer to that dilemma was choosing all white elegant varieties of flowers such as phaeleonopsis orchids, lilies, roses, hydrangea and using the red and turquoise as accents in graphics like the menu cards, programs and monograms which we used on vases that hung from garden hooks during the ceremony.

Beach themes are the most popular on the California coast.

This theme can run the gamut of colors such as yellow/turquoise, coral/yellow, blue/lime green and so on. Choose colored glass containers for fruit and blooms or accents of colored water and tumbled sea glass scattered on tables. Orchids come in all colors/varieties and make a dramatic statement to convey that Beach feel.

Michael Jonathan Studios - Floral decor: Summer In BloomSummer Flowers
Of course you immediately think of sand/seashells but what about citrus or “Mexican Riviera” as an idea. Vivid oranges and yellow with a “pop” of lime green and accents of citrus fruits in your wedding flowers will give a fresh perspective to your beach nuptials. Roses, lilies, orchids, sunflowers and dahlias are “in season” favorites.

Hot reds, corals, oranges and yellows with tropical accents and foliages emote a fun vacation feel to your event.

You could use flowers such as orange pin cushion protea, coral anthurium, mini pineapples and chartreuse orchids along with red chili peppers in bright fabric wrapped containers for a Latin flavored theme. Think outside the box when choosing your florals and décor for your Summer wedding you’ll have people talking about your wedding for years to come!

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