1st Year Anniversary Cake - Wedding Compass

Tradition might be to freeze the top layer of the cake, but you may prefer to order a small cake for your 1 year anniversary

Barnet Photography

While it’s been tradition to save the top tier of your wedding cake until your first year anniversary, there’s another option to reliving your wedding cake at the one year mark. Since saving your cake for


Hulse Photographyan entire year requires that you freeze it, it will not taste as fresh and flavorful as it did on your wedding day. Ordering a six inch anniversary cake from the same bakery with the same flavors and fillings is a great way to enjoy your one year anniversary with taste. Add the cake topper from your wedding day and the cake is complete! Remember, your one year wedding anniversary is yours.  Whether you decide to order a new cake,  or enjoy a part of your original wedding cake, enjoy it together and celebrate!

Happy Planning!
Images by: Barnet Photography and Hulse Photography