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Creating your First Dance as a couple

You’ve made it through the ceremony and are now entering the reception as the newly pronounced Mr. & Mrs. so what’s next? If you’re having a reception, inevitably that means you have a first dance within moments. If the thought of this moment leaves you envisioning two pairs of left feet dancing across the floor, not to worry, there are tips to make you and your new hubby the center of attention.

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Why the first dance anyway?

The first dance together represents the union of your marriage. It is a chance for your guests to see you both in unison sharing a song that means something to your relationship.

Dance Lessons:

Having a few choreographed dance lessons to your song can help relieve the anxiety of dancing in front of everyone. You pick the music. You’re first dance can be a ballad, an oldie, something jazz…anything goes, as long as it means something to you and your beau.

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So you’re thinking, “My fiancée won’t want to take dance lessons!” Remember, it’s not you they are worried about. Most men are worried about looking silly and inexperienced in front of their family and friends.

Stay supportive of his efforts and remind him how much this dance means to you. Within a few lessons you two will glide across the dance floor with the grace of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.
Happy Planning!

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