Dancing Queen

Dance Lessons for the King and Queen of the Night

My guy and I were on totally opposite sides when it came to the subject of dance lessons for our wedding. He was the one who wanted a choreographer; I wanted to just go with the flow, even if we tripped over our own feet. It would look more spontaneous. And with everything else to plan, how were we going to fit in dance lessons?


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Go Elaborate Or Keep It Simple?

We ended up compromising. He convinced me that if we kept it simple and elegant, our first dance would look natural and we’d have some amazing footage on video. So I agreed to try one lesson. We had so much fun at that first lesson that we decided to sign up the rest of the wedding party.

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I felt like Cinderella at the ball when we started our bridal dance. Then our attendants joined in, couple by couple. The way we all moved around the floor together was breathtaking. I couldn’t stop grinning when our guests gave us a standing ovation!Hulse Photography

I have to admit that hiring a dance instructor for those couple of lessons was one of the best investments we made in our wedding day. Gliding around the room, I felt like I was dancing on air, felt like the dancing queen. Instead of taking away the spontaneity of the moment, we gained the confidence to relax and enjoy the dance.

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