The First Dance, a Unique and always Evolving Symbol of One of a Couple’s First Major Moments Together

Many Couples are not happy with just turning and spinning in circles during their first dance. Take a look at some of these videos for entertainment and maybe even a few ideas and inspirations…

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Video Source: Selective Sound DJ

This bride thought her first dance was ruined… you won’t believe what happened next…


Video Source:

Here’s a great dance medley designed and choreographed by Jon and Stacey at Sunset at Laguna Beach.


Video Source: RachyRenee

Dance Instructors can really turn it on! What a Dance!


Video Source:

An elegant approach. Join Robert and Dorothy for their First Dance in the Ballroom at the world-famous Beverly Wilshire Hotel.


Video Source:

Larry and DeEtte share this fantastic choreographed wedding first dance at Castle Green, Pasadena, California.


Video Source: Steve Young

Here’s a fun one from a few years back!


Video Source: Luke Rendell

Pure entertainment here! Good stuff.


Video Source: Anabel Park

Journey, (The 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees) would love to see this First Dance!


Video Source: Travis Clark

We just love this cute couple! A great medley. The Videographers did a great action packed edit with multiple cameras! Like watching “Dancing With the Stars.” The ending was just, “WOW!”