For an island adventure unlike any other, honeymoon in New Zealand.

Anyone familiar with The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit movies has glimpsed some of the captivating scenery New Zealand offers. New Zealand consists of two main islands (North and South) and several smaller islands.

Visit the Hobbiton movie set from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings at Waikato. Image provided by Tourism New Zealand Photography by Sara Orme

New Zealand ls located in the Pacific Ocean, off the southern tip of Australia and north of Antarctica.  Because it is below the equator, their warmest months are in December and the cooler temperatures are in July. Temperatures are generally warmer in the north and cooler in the south, so it is advisable to plan a wardrobe that can be layered as needed. Rain falls throughout the year, but is heaviest, especially in the north from May through September. Snow can be expected during the same months, mostly in the southern alps and lower regions of the southern island and the mountains of the northern island. The sun can also be intense, so sun screen is advisable.

North Island is often the first stop for travelers, with Auckland, it’s largest city in the northern part of the island and Wellington, its capital at the southern end of the island. The larger cities offer all of the cultural amenities, like museums, zoos, theaters, shopping, restaurants and nightlife expected in a city.

Hit The Water

Being an island, water sports abound, from the tame to the exhilarating, boating, fishing, swimming, kayaking, sailing, jet skis, white water rafting, paddle boarding and just about anything else. Inland there are numerous lakes and rivers that also offer a multitude of opportunities for water enthusiasts.

Kayak amid the beauty of Cathedral Cove in Coromandel. Image provided by Tourism New Zealand Photography by Adam Bryce

Getting Around

If planning to rent a car, remember that in New Zealand they drive on the left hand side of the road. A current drivers license from another country is valid, but must be in English. All distances and speeds are in kilometers. For those who would rather not drive, there are trains or bus tours in many areas. Choose a packaged tour, or buy a pass to hop on and off the buses according to interests and schedule. Larger cities often provide city buses that stop at local sites of interest. Day tours can also often be arranged. While the trains don’t cover the entire country, they provide a chance to see amazing views of both coasts without the worry of driving in a place with different rules and unfamiliar signs and signals.

Mangapu Cave Waitomo Waikato. Image provided by Tourism New Zealand Photography by Chris McLennan

Choose to stay in a central location and take day trips to surrounding sites, or start at one end and take a leisurely trip, stopping along the way.

What To Do

The scenery is spectacular throughout the two very diverse islands. Each region offers new experiences, from a visit to the movie set of Hobbiton from The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings fame, to geysers and bubbling mud pots, caves, waterfalls, spectacular mountains, hiking biking, National Parks, wildlife reserves, history, Maori culture, agriculture, explore the wine region, skiing, there is no lack of things to do and see. If extreme adventure is of interest, there are many offerings to choose from, bungee jumping, sky diving, scuba diving, ropes courses, white water adventures and more.

Get The Scoop

Places to stay are almost as numerous as places to see, with everything from luxury resorts to quaint motels, B&Bs or vacation rentals. If quiet, relaxation and privacy are on the agenda, consider a ocean or lake front vacation rental, with the option to stay in or go out and explore. Tourism New Zealand is an excellent source to find accommodations and explore all of options available to customize the perfect honeymoon.

Whether it’s non-stop adventure, a relaxing time at a single destination or a mix of the two, a honeymoon in New Zealand will create unforgettable memories.

All images and video provided by: Tourism New Zealand

Hobbiton Movie Set tours:

The sparkling lights of Aukland at dusk. Image provided by Tourism New Zealand Photography by Chris McLennan

In New Plymouth- Taranaki Maori women perform the traditional poi dance. Image provided by Tourism New Zealand Photography by James Heremaia

Experience a sailing adventure in Auckland Harbour. Image provided by Tourism New Zealand Photography by Chris Sisarich

Travel the Queenstown trail, stopping to enjoy vineyards, wine, excellent cuisine and views. Image provided by Tourism New Zealand Photography by Miles Holden

Take a hike along the banks of scenic Glenorchy Lake Wakatipu Queenstown. Image provided by Tourism New Zealand Photography by Chris Sisarich

Queenstown's Coronet Ski field is illuminated for night skiing on weekends in July. Image provided by Tourism New Zealand Photography by Miles Holden