Honeymoon: Honeymooning Grooms - Positano Style

Romance Blooms in Positano, Italy

I just spotted a lovely newlywed couple today, while Rocket and I were on our way to meet my good friend, Claudia, down at spiaga (beach) in Positano for a Gelato. She was classic; he was stoic. Can you really imagine a lovelier textbook ideal of love? (Maybe it’s just the way I want to see things, I don’t know.)

Couple near rustic wall

Anyway, there they were headed down to the beach and obviously there was some kind of a decision as to which way to go on the walk. She turned around and pulled out her Positano guide map from her smart bag and the two went into a serious, but brief huddle. After a prompt reorganization, they were off again— hand in hand. Completely going the wrong way—but that’s really not the point, now is it?

Honeymooning Grooms Set The Tone For The Future

Freshly minted husbands are always on their best behavior. I really hate to say it, but it is completely and utterly true. And I think the honeymoon is a great indicator for things to come. If a guy is not a gentleman while away on his honeymoon then there really is no hope. I’ve only seen them acting at their very best, like secret agents on holiday- painfully well groomed and with a watchful eye as to everything around him and his new partner in crime. I’m telling you, that’s the look. It really is adorable!

Right on the beach in Positano, Italy

And guys on honeymoon tend to walk next to their wife as opposed to somewhere else—there’s this visible equality in the endeavor itself that definitely is directed by her. It is Positano and all, but he’s always a good sport.

Couple enjoying each other with a glass of wine.

If you look closely when down in Positano, it’s really not that hard to spot. Lots of door opening and chair pulling out takes place, wines being carefully considered for the price point as well as palate (secret agents always know a thing or two about viticulture and enology I suppose). Another outfit change for their evening, the creases give it away, and the distinctive similitude in their dressing styles— somebody dressed him. And I ask myself if life could actually get any better then this. If someone ever says to you that chivalry is dead, please just send them to Positano.

Celebrating with a bottle of Prosecco in Positano, Italy

Cliffs - Positano, Italy

Ocean View - Positano, Italy

Ocean View 2 - Positano, Italy

Stylish Bride - Positano, Italy

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