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Although there are a great many facets in what comprises the wedding day, each couple has his or her own needs and ideals of what their wedding represents to them and crafting that perfect experience for everyone to feel comfortable, relaxed and a genuine part of the event becomes the art of the wedding planner.

A good wedding planner listens

They listen and extrapolate. Sometimes the clues to what is best for a clients’ particular event are made clear and subsequently easy to define and, other times, there may be a slight need to help guild that particular story along in order to help draw out their clients true ideal event. And although not always clear, the answers are always there and if the planner listens to what is really important and creates from there—then a great event will unfold.

Bob Ortiz Photography

As odd as it sounds, a good wedding planner has enough of an ego to feel comfortable working in the absence of such ego– for good planners use their talents to bring their clients’ dreams to fruition. A good wedding planner is also a savvy designer–for what is one without the other? A good wedding planner is flexible… can operate competently on the fly and be comfortable with the spontaneous nature of events—all while offering their expertise in their every action. And a good wedding planner knows their way around the kitchen. Is there a difference in timing for plating 140 Caprese salads as opposed to a course of Vichyssoise? A good wedding planner knows that answer.

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