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The value of partnering with experienced planners

With events over the past decade, wedding coordinators have become nearly priceless, at minimum a wedding staple/requirement, a commodity as valuable as any of the other ‘must have’ vendors. In the 1990s, the question was, “Do you have a wedding coordinator?” and then, the question turned to, “Who is your wedding coordinator?”

Photo Courtesy of Christopher Todd Studios

Photo Courtesy of Christopher Todd Studios

Brides, Grooms, and parents all recognized the value of partnering with experienced planners in order to save time, minimize stress, and to help avoid making costly mistakes. Consultants were hired to share their knowledge and experience of what works, what doesn’t, and to help couples and their families prepare for their upcoming celebrations. In these economic times, we are seeing more DIY (Do It Yourself) brides and fewer professional planners being sought after due to budget restraints.

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A wedding planner’s assistance begins with creating a personalized wedding budget sheet for each couple, pinpointing their priorities, likes, and dislikes, guiding them in the selection of various vendors, creating personalized timelines, reaching out to the bridal party and parents, and many other intricacies that come into play when designing a wedding. The experienced consultant is familiar with vendors in every category and will assist couples to stay within their personal budget. The consultant attends vendor meetings with the couple (DJ, florist, rental company, etc.) and offers his or her creativity, time and money-saving ideas and design tips. He or she is readily available for questions regarding all aspects of the big day. From linen and chair rentals, place cards and favors, save-the-dates and invitations, to gifts for the bridal party and families, finding a honeymoon registry and what should be included in the couple’s wedding website.

Photo Courtesy of Robert Ortiz Photography

Photo Courtesy of Bob Ortiz Photography

The wedding coordinator directs the ceremony rehearsal, and on the day-of the wedding will take care of all of the little things, allowing friends and family to remain stress-free and work-free during the wedding. This includes letting the guests of honor know where they are to be seated during the ceremony, distributing all programs, engagement photos, favors, guest book, cake servers, place cards, menus, toasting glasses, table numbers, candles, children’s table items, and so much more.

The consultant shows up hours prior to the start of the wedding, checks in with both bridal parties and families, and makes sure the florist has arrived, the photos start on time, the ceremony is set up properly, and the bride and groom are attended to. After coordinating the ceremony, the consultant works with the banquet captain, master of ceremonies, and makes sure all the vendors are following the pre-planned time line.

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During the event, the coordinator will have the gifts transported to the designated room or car and make sure that all reception events are running smoothly and on schedule. At the end of the celebration, he or she will collect all items and make sure they get to their assigned locations. Most importantly, an experienced consultant will make sure that the bride and groom are able to truly enjoy their day with their families, loved ones, and cherished friends.

Once a couple sees the true value of a coordinator, they will know that having a wedding planner is not just valuable, it is invaluable.

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