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Ice Sculptures…Rivaling the shine of your Diamonds?


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Wow! Ice sculptures and drink luges for wedding receptions, parties and company parties. Nothing will rival the shine of your diamond, your guests’ attention will certainly be drawn by a glittery ice display. From lavish luges to spectacular sculptures, these frozen show pieces are on display at contemporary receptions.
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Delight your guests

during cocktail hour your signature drink can be served via a drink luge. A flavored infused Martini? A delicious Cosmo (Cosmopolitan) These are sure to be the hit of the party.  Surround the luge with frosty shot glasses made of ice or custom martini glasses. Make a flamboyant statement and have dual luges – one for his drink, one for yours. They look beautiful with back-lighting in the colors of your theme.



The only limit to your ice sculpture is your creativity and imagination. Display your bouquet in the center of a towering heart fashioned from ice. Flank the cake table with matching frosty vases filled with florals and set on columns of ice. Have profiles of you and your mate etched into an icy star. Play with your food! Station a sculptor near the dessert station to create individual sorbet dishes.

Sophisticated brides are using ice to add a shimmery touch of elegance to their special days.

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