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Trends of ice sculptures and luges

Ice Bulb

This year’s trend in weddings is the ice sculpture. Once seen as classic must haves in wedding receptions, brides are now indulging in these works of frozen art to reflect their personal tastes and to add a sophisticated touch to their evening.

Ice Bulb

Photo Courtesy | Frank Salas Photography

Today’s ice sculpture also comes in a variety of forms, designs and sizes. You can order a monogrammed ice sculpture, an ice sculpture of you and your husband, centerpieces, flower vases and everything in between! For those of you interested in adding a unique touch to your wedding there are ice bars and ice luges for serving drinks and cocktails.

If you’re not interested in an ice sculpture at your reception, ice curtains are a great way to add shimmer to your wedding while separating space into sections. Ice is a modern way to reflect the sparkle of your evening with a remarkable work of art.

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Images by: Ice Bulb – Ice Sculptures & Luges

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