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Enhance Guestbook tables with a personalized Guestbook!

A special thanks to Lawrence Crandall Photography, and Barnet Photography for their detailed information and insight. Greatly appreciated! – The Editors

Creative Engagement Photography Photo Guestbooks are absolutely priceless.  Set the tone instantly with personalized detail as your guests first arrive at the reception.



By placing a creative (engagement photo based) guestbook and a fancy pen at the entrance of your venue, guests can write heartfelt notes and memories that you and your partner can cherish for years to come. You can decorate your guestbook in advance by adding childhood photos and the aforementioned engagement photos that friends and family can comment on and enjoy.



Guestbooks are a fun and meaningful addition to your once in a lifetime event. Ask your Photographer about creating one from your Engagement Photos.

Engagement shoot guestbook - Michael Jonathan StudiosWhile a couple receives many requested “Registry” gifts from big box stores, one cannot find a more personalized and meaningful gift than an engagement session sign-in book.  When we photograph an engagement session with a sign in book in mind, I’m looking for images which will work as faded panoramic backgrounds.  The design of a sign in book is different than a wedding album.  The foreground images are smaller, and the faded background images play two important roles: they tie the foreground images together, and they allow space for guests to sign directly on the faded image.  Unlike a standard guest book with empty lines, the open design described above permits guests to express best wishes instead of a simple signature.

Using engagement photos in your sign-in book makes it more personal than a store bought guestbook.

The result is a handcrafted keepsake which is more akin to a personalized yearbook than a signed register. This book will easily be one of your most cherished treasures you share as a new couple and will pull out to read down the road…

Barnet Photography Engagement Photo Guest Book

From the photographer’s perspective:

Photographers enjoy photographing engagement sessions because it gives them the opportunity to get to know the couple in advance of the wedding.

Couples enjoy:

  • Being able to display their engagement photos at the wedding.
  • Use the photos as gifts for family and friends.

Typically, the Guestbooks are created using the couple’s favorite 20-30 images, and of course, leave enough spaces and blank open pages for guests to sign.

Make sure to tell your photographer how many guests are attending the wedding, so they can be sure to design enough space for everyone to leave their messages. Once the design is completed you’ll see the mock up so that you can provide your approval before it’s printed and bound.

  • Guests get to enjoy stunning photographs of the couple enjoying themselves in a beautiful location.
  • Couples will love that they have a heirloom they can display in their home after the wedding.

Photographer Tip: Order your book plenty of time in advance, so you may bring it to the rehearsal dinner. This gives your family and close friends, who may be busy on the wedding day, plenty of time and space to write their messages. On the wedding day, provide two pens with your book. The best ones are the Sharpie Extra Fine Point markers. They are the perfect width for signing, and dry fast so messages aren’t smudged when the pages are turned.

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