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Author: Patti Stafford

When preparing to pack for your honeymoon or any other trip, it’s best to pack light as possible. The main reasons for packing light are to avoid having a lot of extra baggage to carry, and for safety reasons. Just because you’ll be a tourist doesn’t mean you have to look like one. Many thieves prey on tourists, so packing light and blending in as much as possible can help deter a possible mugging.

Your important travel documents can be kept in a portfolio for easy accessibility. The rest of your packing will include the outfits you want to wear. This doesn’t need to be half your wardrobe, just a few simple outfits that can be mixed and matched. Unless you’re planning on getting grungy, going hiking or cave exploring, many items can be freshened up and worn twice–just pair them with something else. It helps to expand your wardrobe that way and makes packing easier. Many hotels now have irons and an ironing board in the room. This will help freshen up clothes you’ve worn. If you plan to eat at a nice restaurant you just need one outfit that’s a bit formal.

Jewelry is another thing you want to go light on. It’s a wise idea to buy some inexpensive costume type jewelry for the trip if you must wear jewelry.

Pack comfortable shoes. You’ll be walking a lot and your feet will thank you. Try to avoid sandals and other footwear that hinders a fast pace or long distance walking.

Pack travel size toiletries. New airline regulations are pretty strict these days. All bottles must fit in one quart sized zipper bag. That should be plenty if you use them sparingly.

Go lightly on make-up and hair-dos. This will save a lot of packing space. You’ll be on your honeymoon and should allow some free spirit to kick in and your natural beauty to shine. Most hotels have hair dryers, so if you can do without curling irons, hair straighteners and other items, you’ll save packing space too.

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