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Honeymooning in the Caribbean, a perfect destination

The Caribbean is one of the hottest destinations in the world. With places like Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Bermuda, and Grand Cayman, you’re sure to find the perfect destination for your honeymoon.

Puerto Rico offers many of the activities you’d expect in a tropical paradise, scuba, snorkeling, marine life, hiking, etc.

Puerto Rico is also known for cuisine specialties you’ll be sure to want to try. Mofongo is mashed plantains, seasoned up and mixed with various fillings like meat or vegetables.

One thing Puerto Rico is famous for is its pig roast. People come from all over to partake of the traditional slow roasted pig in the ground.

Jamaica is another hot spot in the Caribbean. Well known for being the home of Reggae, you can take traditional Raggae tours while on your honeymoon. There’s also tubing, kayaking, and zipline adventures, but the Jamaican culture is its most valued asset.

Jamaica is also known for its specialty foods consisting of pungent herbs and spices. Nowhere else can you find true Jamaican cuisine.

Some of their best dishes include; Ackee, salt fish, corn pone, curried goat and a host of breads and cakes to choose from. Jamaicans also eat an abundance of fruits and vegetables.

Bermuda offers many of the same adventures and amenities as other islands in the Caribbean along with nature trails, bird watching, and being home to the oldest cast iron light house in the world.

Bermuda cuisine can seem quite strange to some with dishes like banana meatloaf–yes, it’s meatloaf with mashed bananas mixed in. Bean soup and Cassava pie are other favorites. Bibby is a beer made from fermented palmetto. If you have a weak stomach or aren’t into trying new foods, you may want to find places that serve American dishes along with the food of Bermuda.

Grand Cayman is known as the playground for the wealthy, and why wouldn’t it be with its paradise splendor? It’s also home to a large botanical garden, a 7 mile beach, hiking and swimming with the fish. You’ll find plenty of adventure on Grand Cayman.

Cuisine consists of many dishes with coconut and curry. Most chicken and fish dishes contain these two staple items. You can also try conch chowders, seafood pancakes, and a calaloo omelette. Calaloo is a local vegetable kin to bok choy. Grand Cayman is another place that picky eaters will have a hard time enjoying the local fare. But being a tourist spot you can always find something to your liking.

The Caribbean is a gorgeous place to have your honeymoon and enjoy unique foods that you can’t experience anywhere else.

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