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Hire a band, why?

Music has been compared to angelic voices. Choosing the musical voices for your dream day deserves careful consideration.

The bandleader at your reception does more than simply cue the musicians when to start and stop. Bandleaders act as the emcee, announcing significant dances, the throwing of the bouquet and garter, the cutting of the cake. They guarantee that you and your beloved remain in the spotlight. Choose someone who is willing to communicate with you beforehand, not someone who just expects to show up and figure it out from there.

Tasteful, timeless music is the key to a successful wedding.

Rather than choose a favorite local band, couples are well advised to search for a wedding band that specializes in weddings. Wedding bands provide a distinctly elegant and festive feel. Tasteful, timeless music is the key to a successful wedding.  Exchanging vows often bring on nostalgia – don’t be surprised if you receive requests for songs that were popular back in college, or even high school! Confer with your bandleader to ensure that your must-haves are on the song list.

Good bands show up and play; great bands consider every aspect of the music and coordinate it with the rest of your celebration. Your day should be as great as you are.

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